Svord Carcass Splitter Cleaver

Started by Master Cutler Bryan Baker in 1983, Svord has gained a sterling reputation for their handcrafted, innovative blades. Their latest offering is the menacingly enormous Svord Carcass Splitter Cleaver inspired by the traditional tool of the town butcher.

The 11-inch blade of the cleaver is built with 8670 carbon steel for remarkable edge retention and incredible durability. Combined with the riveted Black Micarta handle, this full-tang cleaver is over two feet long, making it the ideal tool to rip animal carcasses in half. The blade of the Carcass splitter has a hand-applied differential temper, meaning it’s ready to go to work, but will last longer as a collector’s item. And, it comes with a hand-stitched Italian leather scabbard. If you’re looking to make a statement in the kitchen and possibly strike fear into the hearts of your guests, this blade will do the job. You can grab the Carcass Splitter now for $500.

Purchase: $500