Suzuki TS185 Street Tracker By Purpose Built Moto

Photos: Electric Bubble

It’s not often that we see a beautiful custom built motorcycle that was neglected from the get-go, as most shops put their best foot forward right from the start when working with a substantial client. That wasn’t the case with Purpose Built Moto’s Suzuki TS185, an immaculate street tracker that started out with a problematic run but turned into one of the most awe-inspiring projects the company has ever produced.

Originally, the vintage two-stroke TS185 wasn’t following a strict build guideline — there was no direction for the bike, no inspirational donor, and no idea where the machine was headed. Purpose Built Moto’s founder, Tom Gilroy, eventually brainstormed a foolproof plan to transform the bike into a rough and rugged street tracker, citing organic progression and a step-by-step design choice as the primary avenue toward completion. A hand-fabricated frame serves as the perfect foundation for the bike’s bespoke seat, complete with an integrated taillight and a brown leather profile that was upholstered by the team at Timeless Auto. After lowering the front of the bike with a reworked suspension system, the Suzuki was outfitted with a gigantic 21-inch front wheel (alongside an 18-inch rear) to give the bike an intimidating stance — while an underslung expansion chamber and chopped-up exhaust system pair with an FMF Powercore Shorty Silencer to really let the neighbors know you’ve arrived.

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