Suzuki Jimny ‘Little D’ Body Kit By Damd

It was only about six months ago that Suzuki first announced the triumphant return of their beloved Jimny compact 4×4 SUV. But folks are already out there trying to figure out ways to make the tiny trail titan even better. We think Damd is off to a pretty good start with their ‘Little D’ body kit.

By swapping out the headlights, bumpers, grille, wheels, and more — this Japanese customizer has managed to completely transform the new Jimny, turning it into a pint-sized version of a Land Rover Defender. And, we’ve gotta say, we like this version a whole lot more than the pseudo-G-Wagen look it had going on before. Of course, you still get all the capabilities the Jimny comes with otherwise, like a full-access door on the tail end, stylish high fender flares, and more. No word yet on pricing but the kit is set to release in 2019. Let’s just hope Suzuki decides to bring the new Jimny stateside before then.

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