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Break Records On This 250+MPH, 650HP Turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa

Chasing motorcycle world speed records is an incredibly daunting pursuit, requiring immense amounts of power to be squeezed out of engines (without grenading the things) along with a focus on aerodynamics and stability. Despite the insurmountable odds, Mick Ellis of BDR Performance, in 2014, managed to build a turbocharged Hayabusa-based land speed racer that was able to achieve a world speed record of 264.1mph.

Fast-forward to today and that specific record not only still stands, but the very bike motorcycle it was secured on is now for sale. Built around a 1,300cc first-generation Suzuki Hayabusa, the bike sports a wide array of alterations and upgrades that enable it to break well into the triple digits. Generating an absolutely enormous 650hp (when sipping 119 octane race fuel), the ‘Busa boasts a Garret GT35 turbocharger, Bosch liter injectors, billet selector and output shafts (with BDR outrigger), a balanced crank, Carillo con-rods, Wiseco pistons, heavy-duty valve spring, single-piece valves, flowed and polished cylinder head, drag race chain, a stretched machined custom swing-arm paired with a Nitron shock, and BDR pipes terminating in dual Pipe Werx carbon-capped mufflers. If you’re interested in 200mph+ speeds on two-wheels, the bike is currently being offered by BDR Performance for $37,000.

Purchase: $37,000