Suzuki GSX1100 by Ed Turner

All Photos: Pierre Le Targat

With the number of motorcycles that appear in comic books, you’d think we would have seen more bikes in real life that look like they’ve been taken from the pages of Marvel or DC. We’ve seen one or two cool comic book-y designs before, but none of them hold a candle to Ed Turner‘s Suzuki GSX1100.

This custom cycle sports a comparatively massive engine, with four cylinders, sixteen valves and a hundred horses available. It has an entirely custom built frame, which contains a fiberglass fuel tank wedged within. It has 17″ wheels which are covered in Maxxis Goldspeed rubber, and instead of the typical belt drive, the rear wheel has been converted to a chain drive system. The front has upside-down forks taken from a Buell, mounted with custom clamps. The top has a US flag cut-out, something that would make Captain America proud.

Suzuki GSX1100 by Ed Turner 2

Suzuki GSX1100 by Ed Turner 3

Suzuki GSX1100 by Ed Turner 4

Suzuki GSX1100 by Ed Turner 5