Suzuki GN 125 By Atelier Medusa

It’s hard to make a modest entry-level moto look, well, less modest. But if the history of French custom motorcycle builders Atelier Medusa is anything to trust, we knew that their recent Suzuki GN 125 build would be anything but drab — and they delivered a truly outstanding product on every conceivable level.

The 1997 GN 125 was originally a tried and true beginner bike, perfect for “around-town” commutes and less serious riding expeditions. It utilized an extremely user-friendly 11 horsepower engine, as dictated by the UK’s stringent ceiling on 125cc bikes during the period. Aside from the original motor, the bike shares almost no resemblance to its original platform, featuring a dramatically altered silhouette that brings the bike into the gutsy realm of the scrambler body style. The 235-pound bike features an air-cooled 125cc 1-cylinder SOHC engine, Yves Menard leather upholstered seat, Inox exhaust, Heidenau Enduro tires, a reevaluated front-end design, and a revised rear that helps to give the bike a strikingly sleek appearance.

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