Suzuki DR-Z400SM By Jane Motorcycles

Jane Motorcycles is a custom shop that’s Brooklyn born and bred, a heritage they pass on in spirit to their builds. Their latest build, a black, gray and gold-rimmed Suzuki DR-Z400SM is a slim and sleek rocketship of a bike that can navigate the concrete jungle with precision and power.

In collaboration with Brooklyn Moto, Jane Motorcycles stripped the DR-Z400SM, a 2015 model, and rebuilt the body nearly from scratch. A new foam buck gas tank replaced the old one and a custom seat of waxed cowhide upholstery was installed. The uppity dirtbike body was lowered and adjusted to accommodate the new lowrider look. New electronics were added under the seat, along with a gleaming new stainless steel muffler. The injected tech is impressive on this compact bike too. A new TrailTech headlight, Motogadget Motoscope Mini speedo (an LED display which serves as an odometer and tachometer), and numerous Rizoma adornments (handlebars, rear lights and turn signals on the ends of the handlebars) make this customized bike a true technological work of art.

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