Suus Road Denim

Part of being an avid motorcycle rider isn’t just enjoying the freedom that goes along with the ride but embracing – and often requiring – a specific level of quality in the gear that goes along with the lifestyle. We’re talking everything from head to toe; helmet to boots. Quality and dependable gear not only increases comfort in the saddle but can work to mitigate disaster in the case of an accident.

Such is the case with the Suus Road Denim, which are hands down some of the toughest jeans around. Outfitted particularly for riders, each pair is made in Australia from single layer ARMALITH 2.0 14oz 42% UHMWPE denim. In other words, each pair of Road Denim is made from a high-tech abrasion resistant fabric tested to 4 seconds’ slide time. They’re also breathable, durable, and lightweight – hugging the body but mimicking the stretch of your other pair of favorite jeans. They also feature a field back yoke and rise seams, Suus logo engraved buttons and a YKK Heavy 5 gauge zipper for good measure.

Purchase: $420+