Suunto Zoop Novo Dive Watch

Mar 30, 2016

Category: Tech

It’s often pointed out that we know more about space than we do the deeper parts of the ocean. While that may come as a surprise to some, any diver can tell you that when you start heading deeper underwater, things get complicated fast. Suunto’s Zoop Nova is a watch designed to help mitigate some of those dangers by providing all the info a diver could want up to 260 feet underwater.

Equipped with a built in dive planner, and five different dive modes – this tool helps you keep track of your descents and ascents so you can make sure you don’t come up too fast and end up with decompression sickness. For easy use underwater, the Suunto has outfitted the watch with a gigantic face, while the buttons are both simple and prominent. In addition to the great user interface – the guts of this watch run on the widely used ‘Reduced Gradient Bubble Model’ and comes with software that lets you track your dives more closely using your laptop. Pick one up before you dive down low for $330. [Purchase]

Suunto Zoop Novo 1

Suunto Zoop Novo 2

Suunto Zoop Novo 3

Suunto Zoop Novo 4

Suunto Zoop Novo 5

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