Suunto Traverse Alpha Watch

Smart watches are all genuinely cool – but not all of them are made equal. While pieces of tech like the Apple Watch and Pebble models are built to make your daily life in the city or suburbs easier, the Suunto Traverse Alpha is designed specifically for the needs of the outdoorsman.

Equipped with a barometer, compass, altimeter, thermometer, and the ability to connect to a heart-rate monitor and satellites for GPS – you’ll be sure to have all the info you need to keep safe and on track while out in the woods. When in GPS mode, you can leave a breadcrumb map of where you have been so you can easily find your way back no matter how deep into the woods you’ve trekked. Because the thick stainless steel watch can retain a charge for 14 days while in normal use, 15 hours when in GPS mode with 5 second updates, and 100 hours in GPS mode with 1 minute updates – you won’t have to worry about your trip time exceeding the charge on the Traverse Alpha. In addition to all of these tools – the watch also has the ability to operate up to 330 feet under water. You can make this your go to watch for hikes for $569. [Purchase]