Explore 100M Ocean Depths With The Suunto D5 Dive Computer

Exploration of the mysterious underwater world that seems endless is a unique experience reserved for the boldest individuals. In your quest to find Atlantis, the Suunto D5 Dive Wrist Computer comes in handy to help you on your journey.

The 100-meter water-resistant watch features an impeccably clear, high-contrast color screen, allowing for reliable functionality when you’re submerged. Suunto’s D5 features wireless tank pressure, a digital compass, vibration alarms, dive history, and more. It has four dive modes to assist you in a variety of ways underwater: Air/Nitrox, Freedive, Compass, and Gauge. You can also pair the Suunto D5 Dive Wrist Computer with the Suunto Tank POD for air integration to follow gas pressure. When you ascend quickly, the D5 provides a countdown from a specific amount of time that it calculated you would need at that depth. It has a 6-12 hour battery life in dive mode on a full charge or six days in time mode. Explore the depths of the ocean with the Suunto 5 for $850.

Purchase: $850