Suunto’s 9 Baro Red Bull X-Alps Watch Can Survive A 700-Mile Race

Athletes participating in the Red Bull X-Alps race have to face the fury of the ferocious European Alps by foot or paraglider. There’s no room for weak moments or miscalculation during the race so the 32 intrepid athletes from around the globe will be sporting the Suunto 9 Baro Titanium Red Bull X-Alps GPS Watch to guide them through the finish line.

Made with a quick-release strap and grade 5 titanium case, this watch is tough enough to endure the insane 700-mile race. Tested in extreme situations, the limited edition 100-meter water-resistant GPS watch provides up to 120 hours of continuous fitness tracking and features an intelligent battery life management system, weather functions, barometer, and 80 sport modes. Limited to 1,138 examples, each GPS watch represents one kilometer of the treacherous race. Every timepiece will have a unique number and the Red Bull X-Alps logo on the strap. You can pre-order this ultra-rugged smartwatch for $699 today.

Purchase: $699