Survival Laces by Wasatch Outdoors

Campers, hikers, and wilderness adventurers are always looking to get more versatility from their gear. Got a spoon that doubles as a kayak paddle? Sign us up. So the idea of getting more functionality from one’s shoelaces seems like a smart move, and that’s exactly what Survival Laces offer.

These laces are made with 550 paracord with the standard 7 strands of nylon and one strand of fish line in the core, making them good for building shelter, repairing gear, bandaging a wound, and more. Each set of Survival Laces also contain a 4-inch, waterproof, and extremely flammable strand of tinder along with a 1-inch ferrocerium rod. Just scrape the ferro rod with a piece of steel and you’ll soon get a spark that lights up the tinder strand, giving you instant fire for meals and warmth. Bonus: giving Survival Laces-clad friends the “hot foot” prank will be a breeze. [Purchase]

Survival Laces by Wasatch Outdoors 2

Survival Laces by Wasatch Outdoors 3