Surly ‘Big Easy’ Electric Cargo Bicycle

As bicycles (and virtually every other mode of transportation) transition into the realm of electric, the need for expansive offerings grows exponentially. While most manufacturers have honed their focus toward solo and mono-bike offerings, Surly’s “Big Easy” electric cargo bicycle promises to cater to a more “laid back” audience.

The Big Easy is, with all intent and purpose, a gear hauler — utilizing an elongated frame structure and a top-of-the-line Bosch EV drive unit that’s resulted in the title, “the 18-wheeler of the cargo bike world.” A well-built steel frame houses a Bosch CX electric drive unit, which can reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour, and comes complete with a pedal-assist system, should you feel the need to exert some manual leg power. An 11-speed SRAM NX 11 shifter combines with a dampening headset, Shimano M525 front and back wheels, and tubeless tires for an exceedingly smooth ride. It’s also equipable with a slew of racks, fenders, and trailer systems, giving the bike a comfortable maximum weight capacity of 200pounds — perfect for the weekend rider who wants an easy, efficient way to get around town.

Purchase: $5,000