SurfEars Ear Plugs

As any surfer knows, surfer’s ear can be a real pain, especially when the water quality at your local break is questionable after a rain event. The causes are simple really. After repeated exposure to cold water and wind, surfer’s experience abnormal bone growth within the ear canal that can eventually lead to hearing impairment. And with all that time in and under the water, it’d be foolish not to take ear health a bit more seriously. Luckily, the SurfEars offer a substantial level of protection against such a condition.

Compared to other ear plugs, SurfEars outperform in almost all aspects. They have nearly zero acoustic loss within the frequency of the human voice, feature a fixation wing to keep the plugs in place, an acoustic mesh to protect the ears from the elements while its sealing gel ensures a comfortable fit while completely blocking off the ear canal from unwanted exposure. They’ve been endorsed by professional surfers across the globe, including the man himself, Mr. Tom Carroll, and are available now through various marketplaces for around $55 a pair. [Purchase]

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