SurfEars 3.0

When you’re out on the water every single day, it’s as much a part of you as anything else on this planet. That being said, exposure to cold water and wind is often unavoidable, especially if you’re an avid surfer, diver, swimmer, or sailer. To protect yourself from “surfer’s ear” and the agonizing surgery required to return your hearing, it’s always a safe bet to bring along your favorite pair of water-tight earplugs — a niche that’s easily dominated by SurfEars’ 3.0.

The company’s third iteration of their groundbreaking ear protector is the perfect solution for water-weary individuals who want a comfortable, compact way to keep water from accumulating inside their ear canal. These adjustable plugs allow complete acoustic cognizance while keeping moisture out — helping to fight against damaging conditions like exostosis and keeping you on the water for years to come. They’re outfitted with industry-leading technology that completely seals off your ear from unwanted impedance, as well as a leash system so you don’t lose your precious plugs to the surf. A number of professional athletes swear by these small accessories — a testament to their use and even more of a reason to believe that they work as advertised.

Purchase: $60