Nucleus Arcade Coffee Table

For hardcore gamers, one of the most common bucket-list items is getting your hands on an in-home arcade cabinet or table. But, if you also want to keep a normal theme to the furniture in your house, the big gaming boxes can be a bit of an eyesore – that is, unless you pick up Surface Tension’s Nucleus Arcade Coffee Table.

Made to look like a normal wood and glass living room centerpiece, the Nucleus actually hides away a fully-functional gaming system, complete with an in-table screen and a drawer with dual arcade-style controls (meaning you can take on your friends and family in Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter) and track balls. But it’s more capable than just a gaming device – as it has compatibility with Steam, runs with streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu, and can even be used to surf the web. There’s even an included wireless keyboard and has a discreet built-in sound system – no external speakers required. And it can be yours for $4,372.

Purchase: $4,372