Surf 2,000 Perfect Waves Per Hour In Au’s Groundbreaking ‘Surf Lakes’

Wave pools aren’t new. They’ve been around for years and, in their infancy, they were a close-kept secret of the watersport world. While the debate surrounding the efficiency and effectiveness of these mechanically-induced waves still continues to spiral, Australia’s “Surf Lakes” has decided to open orders for its groundbreaking pool to both public and private buyers.

If you’re new to the idea of a Surf Lake, it’s an interesting take on nature’s cyclical current system, allowing large bodies of water to be manipulated by a centralized machine. Each of the company’s machines utilizes a downward force to send waves outward, producing over 2,000 perfectly-formed waves per hour. In effect, this provides the perfect experience for surfers, bodyboarders, SUPs, and other watersport enthusiasts to learn the ropes of their sport, whether that be training, learning, or otherwise. What makes the company’s take on artificial wave pools unique, however, is its ability to mimic the ocean’s swell periods, allowing or lifelike sets and breaks that cater to amateurs, professionals, and veterans alike. Head to Surf Lakes’ website to find out more.

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