Supreme & Lamborghini Join For An Auto-Inspired Clothing Collection

For most, the world of luxurious automotive platforms would be a bit bleaker without the existence of Lamborghini’s renowned supercars. Much the same, the world of high-end fashion might not be as prominent, had it not been for the birth of Supreme, a New-York-based juggernaut who’s spent the better part of its life promoting minimalist style. Now, the two have come together for a unique capsule collection.

In a world where companies like Porsche and BMW have created their own bespoke clothing lines, Lamborghini’s wearable offerings are a bit more sparse. But now that the company has joined forces with James Jebbia’s clothing and design house, Supreme, to bring the masses some much-needed memorabilia. The collection includes a number of streetwear staples, including everything from color-blocked jackets and hoodies, all the way to t-shirts, beanies, and skate decks — all of which are adorned in bold Automobili Lamborghini/Supreme typography. Look for the collection to arrive online on April 2nd, with pricing soon to follow.

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