A Comprehensive $2M+ Supreme ‘Box-Logo’ Collection Is Headed To Auction

If you’ve spent any amount of time within the world of streetwear, you’ll know that Supreme’s understated items are worth quite the pretty penny. Founded in 1994, the brand has become the monolithic figurehead of stylish minimalism, demanding eye-popping prices for branded gear and accessories. Now, what’s said to be “the most valuable collection of Supreme material to ever be offered in a single sale” has just hit the auction block at Christie’s.

Acquired and curated by collector James Bogart, the collection promises to be the first (and only) comprehensive collection of Supreme Box-Logo tees in existence, dating back to the brand’s conception in April of 1994. Within, a handful of ultra-limited designs can be seen alongside unique, secretive items that were never made available to the public, like the limited-to-30 WTAPS Box Logo T-shirt from 1999. According to Bogart, over half of The Box-Logo Collection was not obtainable with “unlimited funds,” citing that timing, persistence, location, and luck were all contributing factors to the archival of Supreme’s most sought-after items. The collection is slated for private sale via Christie’s on December 1 and is expected to fetch an astonishing $2,000,000 or more.

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