Superfly GT 42 Superyacht

Whether by land, by sky, or (in this case) by sea – we love the prospect of going exceedingly fast in extreme comfort. And that’s exactly what you’ll find in the Red Yacht-designed Flying Flipper Superfly GT 42: a spacious and luxurious superyacht-speedboat hybrid.

This nearly 43-foot superyacht is rich in amenities – including a large living area, a multi-bed forward cabin, a captain’s cabin complete with a king-sized bed, and a gorgeous deck that functions both as a cockpit with passenger seating and dining area. This is all surrounded by a durable and relatively lightweight carbon hybrid hull dotted with glass windows from bow to stern. And while there are a number of powertrain options to choose from, the most powerful features a trio of 627-horsepower Seven Racing outboard engines that can push this baby over 65 knots – that’s nearly 75 mph – across the water. For info on how to get yourself onboard one of these limited edition powerboat-superyachts you’ll have to get in touch with Flying Flipper.

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