This Carbon Fiber & Titanium Espresso Machine Honors Porsche’s Flat-Six

Capitalizing on the popularity of coffee amongst motorsport enthusiasts, Super Veloce produces high-end coffee and espresso machines inspired by some of the world’s most exotic and elite supercars. And though the South African outfit has previously modeled its machines after vehicles and powertrains of Italian origins, Super Veloce has now revealed a new special edition offering that celebrates Porsche’s iconic flat-six engines — more specifically, the final modern, classic air-cooled 911 mills from the 993.

The RS Black Edition is a capsule-type espresso maker constructed from aerospace-grade 6082 T6 and 7075 aluminum alloy, surgical-grade stainless steel, and titanium. Borrowing the general layout of the mid-to-late ‘90s flat-six, the RS Black Edition bestows the regular flat-six-inspired espresso maker with a new murdered-out color scheme, with an anodized satin black “engine block,” anodized bright black “cylinder heads,” and hand-laid 2×2 twill jet-black carbon fiber “cam covers.” Polished “velocity stacks” and “slash-cut exhausts” juxtapose the aggressive-looking appliance’s blacked-out aesthetic. In total, Super Veloce only plans on producing a total of 993 units of the RS Black Edition, with each example priced at $11,120.

Purchase: $11,120