Super Heroic Sneakers

For as much as everyone waxes nostalgic about childhood – being a kid can be pretty tough. You’re small, incredibly aware of how little you know, and just about everything in your world is made for people who are twice, or maybe even three times your size. One brand, Super Heroic, is looking to change that with a brand new line of running sneakers for kids.

Founded by Nike’s former global design director, Jason Mayden, these sneakers are designed from the ground up with kids in mind. Mayden was inspired to start this project when he had a hard time finding active shoes for his kid that weren’t just pint-sized versions of adult running shoes. Right now the brand only has one silhouette to its name – the Tumblr V1 Galactix- but it features a unique and fun design with a dual density midsole, rubber outsole, and sleek laceless upper with a stretchy rubberized band for support. Right now you can pick these up in one of three colorways; space purple, black, or blue.

Purchase: $80