Suntory Yamazaki Mizunara Cask Japanese Whisky

Sep 19, 2017

Category: Vices

As far as whisky is concerned, there’s nothing quite like the precision and care that goes into creating a batch of Suntory Yamazaki – especially when it’s carefully aged in Mizunara casks for the better part of 18 years. It’s their 2017 edition and is certain to be nothing short of world class.

For the project, Suntory Yamazaki went to great measures in pioneering their one-of-a-kind Mizunara casks. For starters, it comes from a rare tree that’s found only in select regions in Japan. It’s a hard, permeable wood but craftsmen were able to identify the right trees to get the job done – straight grain trees that have a diameter of at least 27.5 inches, grown perfectly straight, and only cut if their removal does not jeopardize the health of the overall forest. From here, this rare wood imparts its unique flavor into the whisky over the course of 18 years, resulting in a nose of aloe wood and cinnamon, a palate that’s silky in texture, and filled with notes of dry fruit and orange marmalade while the finish hosts allusions to Japanese incense, aloe wood, and cinnamon as well. It’s also bottled at 48% ABV and housed in a handsome case built from the same cask material.

Purchase: $1,000

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