Suntory Ao World Whisky

While single malt spirits often get all the attention, we’re firm believers that blends are an art unto themselves, especially if they can tell an interesting story. And perhaps no story is more interesting than the one that brought Suntory’s Ao World Whisky to fruition.

Sourced from the brand’s distilleries in Scotland, Ireland, America, Canada, and Japan — Ao (Japanese for “blue”) is a blend named after the color of the world’s oceans, which serve to connect the five major whisky-making regions. And it’s the first time Suntory has taken up such an endeavor with this level of transparency, making this an important global effort helmed by one of the most respected whisky brands in the world. The spirit itself is said to boast a “complicated and rich” and “comfortably smoky” flavor profile, though little else has been revealed. Ao is set for a Japan-only release at roughly $50 a bottle.

Purchase: $50