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This Tiny Teardrop Camping Trailer Is So Light You Can Tow It With A UTV

If you’ve ever taken your UTV out for a romp in the wilderness, only to find that your day comes to an anticlimactic end inside of a run-of-the-mill tent setup, you’re not alone. While many of us have wished for a towable camper that could accompany us on the trail, few companies have taken the steps needed to bring a compact living structure to market — until now.

Sunnyside Offroad has answered our prayers with its interestingly-named “Boony Stomper” — a towable trailer that clocks in at only 586 pounds. Since this featherweight camper cuts the figurative fat from many of the more robust models that we’ve seen, one might expect that its technical characteristics are few and far between. Surprisingly, that couldn’t be further from the truth. To ensure that the trailer is able to traverse backcountry terrain, Sunnyside has outfitted it with a custom-fabricated, long-travel suspension system, square steel frame, and mud-savvy Forerunner Knight tires. That being said, it’s a bit modest in terms of interior traits, boasting carpeted walls/headboards, linoleum floors, and self-latching storage cabinets amidst its six-foot, seven-inch sleeping area. Head to Sunnyside’s website to pick up the base model for $8,350.

Purchase: $8,350+