Sunflower Drone Home Security System

While home security systems are great, most only cover the inside of your house. That might take care of you in a pinch, but wouldn’t you rather be alerted of danger in advance? Sunflower Labs is looking to do just that with their Home Awareness System. Designed to guard and alert you of any surrounding intrusion, this system might just be the best frontline defense for your dwelling.

It begins with a complement of Sunflower Smart Lights. Each of these solar powered garden lamps has a 360 degree range of movement detection, can identify the vibration of incoming footsteps, and will alert you via the included app. They’ll also illuminate your surrounding yard with your choice of warm ambient light or bright security lighting. But it doesn’t stop there. The system also comes with a GPS-enabled hi-res camera drone that gives you an eye in the sky. It can even see in infrared for night monitoring. They’ve yet to announce a price, but the system will ship sometime in 2017.

Sunflower Labs Home Awareness System 01