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This EV Catamaran Concept Houses Two Electric Motorcycles In Its Rear Hulls

In recent years, shipbuilders have not only been experimenting with increasingly grand and elaborate yacht and boat designs for life on the water but have also more and more focused on engineering vessels that enhance life once a port is reached. And no one design illustrates this trend better than the “Sunbeam ConceptONE.”

Co-designed by Umeå, Sweden’s Maximilian Troicher and Munich-based artist, Anja Didrichsons, the catamaran concept utilizes an EV propulsion system. This unmistakably sleek and modern take on the dual-hulled yacht sports a futuristic control center and a surprisingly spacious interior complete with a full galley, bathroom, a home office, and a pair of bedroom sets at the front of the ship. The pair have also custom-designed a set of TESI-style hub center-steered electric concept bikes that stow away inside the aft of both sides of the hull and can be deployed onto land via hideaway loading plates. Onboard solar panels both power the ship itself, as well as allowing the bikes to receive a charge while out on the seas. The pair have even rendered the bikes with a tractor-style rear “paddle” wheel and skis for riding atop the waves.

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