Toothpick Crossbow

For the office menace, there’s no better way to annoy the tranquil afternoon workflow of others than from afar. That is, with a bit of rudimentary archery skills that boring afternoon in the cubical farm could indeed turn into one of one-sided joy and laughter. It’s all possible thanks to this mini crossbow from Suite CZYY.

Outfitted to fire off either toothpicks or Q-tips with ease, this nifty little office warfare tool is the smallest of the crossbow toys and comes with some assembly required so those DIY fans out there can put their handiwork to good (or nefarious) use. Naturally, no batteries are required with this piece. Simply load your object of choice, pull back on the string and…eh who are we kidding, you know how this thing works. Weapons of mass procrastination like this need no explanation. Just be sure no one else in the suite has one of these. You wouldn’t want to start an all-out war now, would you?

Purchase: $20