This Hybrid Sub-Ship Is A 725HP Rolls-Royce-Powered Tactical Transport

While advancements in hybrid powertrain technology have obviously allowed for breakthrough products in the automotive and supercar sectors, gas-electric propulsion systems are also leading to watershed offerings in other lesser-mainstream spaces such as the military and defense industry. And UK-based firm, Subsea Craft has harnessed modern hybrid tech to deliver what’s being called “the world’s most advanced diver delivery unit.”

Dubbed the VICTA (Latin for “Conquered”), the surface and subsurface vessel features a carbon fiber and Diab core hull, with Ullman Dynamics molded seats with an advanced shock-absorbing system set on a rail attachment rig that offers seating for two pilots and six divers. Spanning 39.2’ and sporting a 7.5’ beam, the VICTA is powered by a custom 725hp Seatek diesel engine supplemented via Rolls-Royce Kamewa FF37 and Copenhagen thrusters. Mated to a ZF 220 gearbox and operated via a SCISYS-developed command center and fly-by-wire control system, the hybrid powertrain is good for speeds of over 40 knots (46mph) atop the waves, and 8 knots (9.2mph) below the water. Set in a titanium housing, 140kW Li-ion batteries allow for a 250 nautical mile range and four hours of underwater autonomy. For more information on the project, you can check out Subsea Craft’s website linked below.

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