Subaru Viziv-7 AWD SUV

Subaru is not a brand that is well known for subtlety. Just ask anyone who has ever sat behind the wheel of a WRX STI. They like to make statements. Big, growling, angry statements. And those statements are not strictly relegated to street-racers, either. And they’ve proven that with the release of this: the Subaru Viziv-7 all-wheel-drive SUV concept.

If it goes into production, the Viziv-7 will be the largest Subaru ever produced. Boasting seating for seven (yes, you read that correctly) across three rows, this beastly sport utility vehicle has some pretty beefy stats. For starters, it has a length of 204.7 inches. That’s over 17 feet, for anyone counting. It also boasts a wheelbase of 117.7 inches (9.8 feet). There’s no information yet on what they plan to put under the hood, but if the carpet matches the drapes, it should be pretty impressive. Oh, and if you’re wondering from where this futuristic off-roader got it’s name, Viziv is derived from “Vision for Innovation.”

Subaru Viziv 7 SUV AWD 0001

Subaru Viziv 7 SUV AWD 0003