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This Metal Case of Refillable Deodorant Is Made to Last a Lifetime

LIFELONG Deodorant Kickstarter 0 Hero
Photo: Lifelong

Finding the perfect deodorant for you is a process, and it can typically result in a lot of trial and error. In an effort to avoid this continuous testing process entirely while adhering to a sustainable future, a Stockholm-based company aims to change the grooming game with what it calls Lifelong deodorant.

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Photo: Lifelong

The thought of refillable deodorant may shock you, but it’s not all that uncommon — this new example simply manages to bring a far more mature take on the matter from both a design and function perspective. The brand’s plant-based, powder-to-liquid formula is available in two unisex scents: Woodland Air and Citrus Tonic. As their names suggest, the former boasts delicate woody notes, while the latter’s notes of green tea and white musk are more uplifting. And while the brand’s sense of eco-cognizance may be implied, they have no aluminum, no parabens, and are made of nothing but natural ingredients. All you have to do is add water and fill the base.

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Photo: Lifelong

Moreover, the Lifelong deodorant is based around a remarkably sleek refillable case made of anodized aluminum, proving that deodorant can look as fancy as your favorite bottle of cologne. Its sleek design takes inspiration from Sweden’s signature brand of minimalism and is finished with a knurling texture for an ideal grip and feel. Functionally, Lifelong is equipped with a one-of-a-kind magnetic lid that ensures the deodorant is entirely leak-proof, so you don’t worry about any spillage on the go. Lastly, to apply your fragrance, roll along the removable crystal ball, which comes available in several colors and can be easily washed. Most importantly, though, it manages to reduce any more plastic waste and lowers transport emissions by a whopping 94% thanks to the lack of water and packaging involved.

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Photo: Lifelong

To no surprise, the Lifelong deodorant project smashed its Kickstarter goal by over $100,000. Luckily, you only have to pledge €69 (~$75) to receive a starter pack, which includes one refill and applicator.