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DSPTCH’s Dyneema Bags Were Dyed Via a New Material-Specific Process

Leave it up to a San Francisco-bred cast of characters to master the art of dyeing fabrics. While we are half a century removed from the Summer of Love, the folks over at Idle Worship still hone the craft to a tee and have implemented it onto a new trio of Dyneema-crafted bags from DSPTCH. With the latter also being based in Northern California, it was only right for these two to get together en route to releasing some sturdy gear.

Idle Worship has put their personal touches on DSPTCH’s Unit Sling Pouch, Unit Musette, and Unit Zipper Tote, which required the implementation of a custom dying process that was instituted for the sole sake of Dyneema fabric. Upon being running each product through a high-temperature dye procedure, the durable textile is then removed for cooling, which is followed up by a quick wash to finish things up. As far as colors are concerned, each bag is available in the sleek “Ocean Fog” and subtle “Pistachio,” and is rounded out with an accent-dyed paracord mini keychain.

While the Unit Sling Pouch and Musette are still available, the Unit Zipper Tote ran away with the popularity baton as it went on to sell out rather quickly. Nevertheless, the former two options make for just as good a pair of water-resistant bags to choose from and remain available in either color you prefer. Starting from $204 for the pouch, you can grab a piece of the collab over on DSPTCH’s site.

Purchase: $204+