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The 9 Best Eye Creams for Men in 2023

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There is one issue with eye creams, and it’s that they can seem like snake oil to some, as every manufacturer makes bold claims. They promise everything from anti-aging to ultimate moisturizing while often being just a little better than a bottle of Jergen’s. To make sure these shills and charlatans were dealt with, we hunted down creams that actually delivered moist skin, firmed and toned, reduced dark circles, smoothed out wrinkles, and polished up the area around your eyes. If you need help looking your best, one of the picks from our best men’s eye creams guide can assist.

The Best Eye Creams for Men

Why (and how) Should you use eye cream?

While your face needs to be moisturized in general, the skin under your eyes can require some extra attention sometimes. In comes the eye cream, which is designed to smooth and protect the skin under your eyes, while also making it firmer. The best eye creams have natural ingredients (examples listed below) and will offer either short-term benefits (like reducing redness and/or puffiness), long-term benefits (like anti-aging blends), or a mix of both. It’s best to keep your eye cream in a (relatively) cool place before using clean hands to apply a small amount to the skin under and to the side of your eyes.

ingredients to look out for

Vitamins: Vitamin A (also known as retinol) protects skin cells from damage and tones your skin, vitamin E is a natural antioxidant and inflammatory, and vitamin C helps improve complexion.

Hyaluronic acid: This holds the moisture on your skin and helps prevent wrinkles.

Caffeine: This helps with circulation, along with making your skin more firm and less puffy.

Niacinamide: For keeping your skin hydrated and smooth.

Peptides: These keep your skin firm and smoothes wrinkles

Ceramides: Restores the skin’s barrier and keeps it moisturized.

Fatty oils: These will be naturally derived (like avocado oil) and help with hydration.

Eye cream vs. toner vs. moisturizer

Eye cream and eye toner are mostly the same, but toner is a liquid that will get deeper into the skin. Keep in mind that it’s also best to use a toner after a face wash and before other skincare products. Eye creams are similar to moisturizers in consistency and hydration, but have a higher concentration and stronger ingredients in general.

hawthorne Brightening Eye Cream

hawthorne Brightening Eye Cream

The Best Budget Eye Cream: hawthorn was started by a team of childhood friends, with all of the label’s formulas made in the USA. What makes them unique is that the company uses research, reviews, data, and a quiz to determine the best skincare products just for you. This eye cream from hawthorne is a certifiably effective cream made with a rejuvenating blend of caffeine, cucumber, vitamin C, and peptides. This mixture reduces puffiness, redness and boosts collagen.

Notable Ingredients: Peptides, caffeine, and vitamin C

Baxter of California Under Eye Cream

Baxter of California Under Eye Cream

The Best for Puffy Eyes: All of the natural products from this company are developed and tested in sunny Los Angeles, California. So you can trust that you’re getting quality with this eye cream here, made with vitamin E, caffeine, and hyaluronic acid. This cream reduces irritation, puffiness, fine lines, and dark circles with a fragrance-free blend.

Notable Ingredients: Caffeine, hyaluronic acid, and seaweed extract

Blu Atlas Eye Cream

Blu Atlas Eye Cream

The Best Travel Eye Cream: Blu Atlas has made waves in the industry as one of the best natural skincare labels out there. And you can see why in this eye cream that’s made with rose water, caffeine, and vitamin C. This blend increases circulation in the skin under your eyes, making them less puffy, and the algae extract makes sure they stay hydrated. It also comes in this convenient tube, making it a great travel companion.

Notable Ingredients: Rose water, caffeine, and vitamin C

Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

The Best Moisturizing Eye Cream: Since 1851, Kiehl’s has been a trusted name in the skincare game. That’s why you can trust the label’s eye cream, a gentle blend that includes avocado oil. This US-made cream has been tested and approved by dermatologists, making it certifiably effective at soothing and hydrating the skin under your eyes.

Notable Ingredients: Avocado oil and shea butter

Clinique Anti-age Eye Cream

Clinique Anti age Eye Cream

The Best Eye Cream for Wrinkles: Mostly a heavy moisturizer, this works best as a preventative for keeping the skin around your eyes supple and hydrated. Reduces the appearance of damage and bags for a more youthful appearance that also makes your face feel rejuvenated. Tested by ophthalmologists it can help keep skin from sagging by giving it a cellular workout, offering the building blocks necessary for the body to repair itself and fight off future problems.

Notable Ingredients: Vitamin E and aloe

Youth to the People Superfood Hydrate + Firm Eye Cream

Youth to the People Superfood Hydrate Firm Eye Cream

The Best Vegan Eye Cream: Youth to the People is passionate about making sustainable vegan products that work for everyone, including the environment. Using the power of superfood, this eye cream contains stuff like kale and green tea, which provide natural vitamins (C and E) that restore and hydrate your skin. This 100% vegan cream is made here in the States and comes in recyclable packaging.

Notable Ingredients: Kale, spinach, green tea, and vitamins C/E

Supergoop! Bright-Eyed Mineral Eye Cream

Supergoop Bright Eyed Mineral Eye Cream

The Best SPF Eye Cream: With more people realizing that using protection against the sun is important for maintaining skin health, Supergoop! also realized that many options out there just don’t feel good. That’s why they create products like this mineral eye cream which are made with clean and cruelty-free ingredients. This SPF40 cream is the perfect daytime companion, and it’s made with ginger and pomegranate, which helps reduce under-eye circles. It’s also light and quick to work, so you won’t be left with that dreaded sunscreen residue.

Notable Ingredients: Caffeine, ginger, and pomegranite

Biossance Squalane + Marine Algae Eye Cream

Biossance Squalane Marine Algae Eye Cream

The Best Eye Cream Overall: Biossance is founded on the wonders of squalane, a hydrating molecule that the company’s scientists derived from fermented sugar cane. The label harvest squalane, along with other natural ingredients, sustainably as well by utilizing natural rainfall and energy/water efficient factories. And this award-winning vegan eye cream from them is a certifiably quality choice, made with pink marine algae (to reduce wrinkles) and the company’s squalane molecule, which mimics your skin’s natural oil and keeps it hydrated.

Notable Ingredients: Squalane, algae, and paracress extract

Dr. Dennis Gross Eye Serum

Dr Dennis Gross Eye Serum

The Best Eye Serum: Dr. Dennis Gross is a dermatologist and surgeon with two decades of experience, so you can trust that his label’s products have been tested by the best. And if you’re looking for a serum to get deeper into your skin, then consider this one from the brand. This serum quickly absorbs into your skin, letting the retinol-infused blend get to work on boosting collagen and hydration under your eyes. It’s also an effective tool for smoothing wrinkles and giving your eyes a softer look overall.

Notable Ingredients: Botanicals and retinol

The Best Face Moisturizers for Healthy Skin

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