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AIR COMPANY’s Eau de Parfum Is the First-Ever Carbon-Negative Fragrance

Photo: AIR

In the grooming landscape, keeping things natural is an unavoidable talking point and has been for decades. That said, sustainability has become a de facto element of that conversation, too, and one brand aims to take a transcendent step forward in that department. AIR COMPANY and its innovative Eau de Parfum aim “to extend life on Earth” by utilizing CO2 to its advantage.

AIR describes its formulation process in four scientific steps: Capture, Conversion, Distillation, and Mixture. It all begins by capturing CO2 at a source point before it can enter (and harm) the atmosphere, followed by the use of a carbon conversion reactor that fuses CO2 and green hydrogen to create an alcohol mixture. Next, AIR distills the elixir to produce carbon-negative ethanol that finally gets hand-mixed with a variety of scent oils in large steel totes.

By implementing this unique process, AIR COMPANY reduces 0.036KG of CO2 emissions per bottle. Additionally, the green hydrogen mentioned earlier derives from the process of on-site electrolysis, which splits water to make incredibly pure hydrogen gas — as low as 99.95% pure, to be specific. Science-aside, the genderless fragrance boasts top notes of orange peel and fig leaf, floral heart notes of jasmine, violet, azalea, and sweetwater, and robust base notes of powdery musk and tobacco.

AIR Eau de Parfum is available on AIR COMPANY’s webshop for $220.