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Style Guide: Moonage Daydream

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The moon has served as a source of inspiration and fascination for as long as humans have existed, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon (or, you know, ever). Earth’s lone natural satellite has been evoked in countless poems, songs, films, and works of literature, and now we’re using it as a base for a stylish ensemble that will have you ready to tackle your day. So, how does one build a lunar-inspired outfit without leaning into sci-fi or kitsch? Allow us to show you.

For our moon-based style guide, we began with one piece: the new Moonweight Shirt Jacket from Proof. The jacket pairs a modern, future-ready look with some next-gen tech in the form of ultralight graphene insulation, allowing it to live up to its celestial-inspired name. From there, we built out the rest of our guide by combining pieces that utilize futuristic or NASA-derived technology, subtle lunar theming, and even legitimate astronaut heritage. The result is a performance-ready casual outfit that will keep you comfortable in every situation; from one small step to one giant leap.

Proof Moonweight Shirt Jacket

Proof’s Moonweight Series, which includes a Vest and Hoodie in addition to this Shirt Jacket, derives its name from the insane lightness of the garments. By utilizing the ultralight insulative carbon material known as graphene in both the shell and the fill, the Moonweight Shirt Jacket is able to keep you warm while adding essentially zero bulk or weight, making for one efficient cold-weather layer. The water-resistant DWR coating and attractive styling are just the icing on the mooncake.

Purchase: $188

Four Points Puzzles The Moon Puzzle

We all need to take some time to ourselves every now and then to unplug and unwind, and putting together a puzzle is a great way to do so. This 1,000-piece puzzle from Four Point Puzzles is just the ticket (to outer space), as it allows you to recreate NASA’s most detailed photo of the moon’s surface to date.

Purchase: $25

Fisher Space Pen

Long regarded as an essential piece of EDC gear, Fisher’s legendary space pen has been used by everyone from Jerry Seinfeld to real astronauts in outer space. The pen’s pressurized ink cartridge and tungsten carbide ballpoint tip allow it to write in extreme temperatures and at any angle — even in zero gravity, should you find yourself in such a situation.

Purchase: $60

Ministry of Supply Apollo Polo

Ministry of Supply’s entire brand is built around using the latest technology to craft clothes for the way people live now — or will be living in the future — and their Apollo Polo is no exception. It’s made from a material that’s 19x more breathable than cotton and contains NASA-developed Phase Change Materials that regulate your body temperature to keep you comfortable in any environment.

Purchase: $88

Flint and Tinder 365 Jogger

The sleek jogger version of Huckberry’s best-selling pants are meant to be worn all day, every day here on Earth, so we imagine they’d be just as comfy on the moon. The 365 Joggers are extremely soft and incredibly stretchy, with elasticated cuffs and an elastic waistband (with an added drawstring) that add to the pajama-like feel. But these are no mere PJs, as the pants’ material looks indistinguishable from what you’d find on a high-end chino.

Purchase: $98

On The Roger Advantage

On is largely known for their cutting-edge running shoes featuring their proprietary Cloudtech cushioning system, but they also make some killer casual shoes that incorporate the same next-level tech, such as The Roger Advantage. This Cloudtec-cushioned casual sneaker was created in collaboration with tennis legend Roger Federer, who may not have ever been to the moon, but his play is certainly out of this world (sorry).

Purchase: $140

Frederic Malle The Moon

Not every moon-related piece in this guide has to revolve around future tech and outer space travel. For The Moon fragrance, Frederic Malle looked to humanity’s ancient obsession with the brightest object in the night sky. Specifically, the unisex fragrance recalls the moon’s association with romance in some Arabic-speaking cultures and expresses that connection in a cold-weather juice with notes of frankincense, oud wood, and leather.

Purchase: $450+

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional

When choosing a watch for our lunar-inspired ensemble, there was really only one choice. Omega’s legendary Speedy has the distinction of being the first watch worn on the moon, thanks to Buzz Aldrin strapping one to his wrist during the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969. Countless astronauts have worn the luxury chronograph to space since and, well, if it’s good enough for them…

Purchase: $5,950+