Style Guide: Lounge

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No matter how you slice it — unless you’re living in the Southern Hemisphere — winter is en route. Slowly but surely, the days will get shorter, the nights colder, and the lounge area more appealing for the fireplace-infused snowy afternoons with your feet up, whisky glass full, and mentally checked out. And frankly, when you put it that way, bring it on winter. Give us your best shot as we’re ready to take it head on from within the comfort of our homes.

Naturally, however, there will be the ever-present need to step outside at some point. It’s just when we do get out, comfort and warmth take precedence. Lucky for us, such function is complemented handsomely by form these days — allowing for what we’d like to call “lounge living” apparel that fits the bill whether you’re home “sick” from work or checking into the office on a casual Friday.

mahabis Classic Slippers

Case in point to the above lifestyle, mahabis’ classic 2 slippers take all the comfort and mobility of their flagship product and add one key element that makes these a must-have. We’re speaking, of course, on the now-included sneaker sole that brings the comfort of a slipper to the streets. That, in addition to a new foam-lined insock, 100% merino wool interior, and a re-engineered upper for a more ergonomic fit all contribute to one versatile slipper from the London brand.

Purchase: $95

Mahabis Classic Notebook

We’re not naive enough to think your mind won’t wander during the upcoming season of hibernation. Thankfully, the classic notebook from mahabis is a well-designed and highly functional journal that’s primed for your thoughts, notes, and sudden inspiration.

Purchase: $15

Mahabis Short Sleeved T-Shirt

What’s a proper lounge without a well-fitting base layer? This ultra soft cotton t-shirt from mahabis addresses that need dutifully — compliments of an incredibly comfortable construction with added elastane for stretch.

Purchase: $35

Oliver Spencer Arbury Wool Beanie

Keep yourself warm and toasty on those chilly mornings with a little help from this wool beanie complete with a ribbed edge to ensure it remains snuggly where it’s meant to be — your head.

Purchase: $45

Mahabis Koti Sweater

Not only does this ultra-soft sweater boast a sleek minimalist design, but it’s also naturally breathable, stretchable, hosts deep hidden side pockets for discretion, and a subtle elastic cuff for good measure. Perfect for the lounge act or an evening at the watering hole.

Purchase: $90

Mahabis Vara Fitted Lounger

Part trouser, part lounge essential, the vara from mahabis is built from an ultra soft, naturally ventilating fabric complete with formal waistbands, fastenings, and some added elastane for stretch. Need we say more?

Purchase: $95

Braun BN003 Analog Watch

Time doesn’t stand still for the lounger — as much as we’d like to think it does. Therefore, a mighty fine timepiece to match that analog alarm clock on your nightstand could be a good look. In this case, the Braun BN003 comes equipped with a three-hand calendar quartz movement, 40mm solid stainless steel case, mineral crystal, and water-resistance to 50 meters.

Purchase: $225

Microsoft Surface Headphones

Time to block out the noise and focus on what matters: your music. This pair of over-ear Surface Headphones from Microsoft can help. Crank up the tunes and take calls with spectacular quality thanks to active noise cancellation, rich audio, Bluetooth connectivity, and convenient one-touch controls.

Purchase: $350