Stutterheim’s New Weatherproof Bags Were Inspired By Its Rubberized Raincoats

When it comes to Sweden’s rainy season, no garment is more iconic than the Stutterheim raincoat. For years, this legendary piece of clothing has kept wearers dry, warm, and comfortable during Europe’s most adverse showers. Now, the brand is taking its expertise in transcendental rain gear to a new medium with the introduction of the Wet-Weather bag capsule.

Inspired by the unparalleled impregnability of the brand’s signature raincoat and boots, the wet-weather bag capsule arrives as a beautifully-realized rendition of the genre’s most prominent pack styles. Four unique silhouettes — including a rolltop, packer, duffel, and messenger — make their debut, with each adopting varying levels of PVC and polyester. As a result, each item in Stutterheim’s new capsule boasts a sleek, shadowy appearance, a low-profile silhouette, and a tasteful, premium-produced demeanor reminiscent of the space’s most prominent models. Whether you’re an avid inner-city commuter, a time-tested trail-goer, or you’re interested in the acquisition of a dependable urban bag to take on your next rainy-day mission, the brand’s newest capsule is sure to please. Head to Stutterheim’s website, where the collection starts at $115, for more information.

Purchase: $115+