Strong Like Bull Stick Magnets

Sometimes, you just need a strong and reliable magnet around to hold your keys, paperclips or other metal objects so that they’re not taking up space on your kitchen counter. In fact, it’s probably safe to say that your counter or desk is a bit cluttered with some of those items. Now, there’s a way to place a super strong magnet virtually anywhere you’d like: Stick Magnets by Strong Like Bull Magnets.

Aside from the borderline corny name, the Strong Like Bull Stick Magnets are “deceptively strong” magnets that are hung with equally strong 3M tape. There are currently two sizes available, a small 1″ round magnet and a bigger 1.7″ magnet. These magnets are strong enough to hold hammers, wrenches, clamps, bottles, entire key rings and more. So if you’re looking for a solution to your messy garage or kitchen counter, these magnets might work out nicely for you. They’re currently available in 3 packs for $20 (small magnets) or $30 (large magnets). [Purchase]

Strong Like Bull Stick Magnets 2