Strong Like Bull Magnets

Those dinky little magnets with the cute sayings you’ve got stuck to your fridge aren’t going to hack it when you’re hanging up some man-sized work. Get serious with these machined pieces of hardware. Backed by Neodimium Iron Boron discs these will stick to your whiteboard, locker, file cabinet, suit of armor, or workshop table with 25 lbs. of pull force to prevent accidental brush-offs, so anything you put up will stand fast.

The anodized aluminum exterior might as well be marked with “Men at Work.” The Strong Like Bull can hold up a full 50-sheet notepad without slipping or sliding, so that watercolor you’ve been working on isn’t going to budge. Yank these off the wall to snatch up paperclips or the framing nails that just fell to the floor. Whatever you do, prove you ain’t no heifer. [Purchase]