Stripe Rugged Portable Hard Drive

An external hard drive is an essential piece of tech you need on your daily grind, which is why it’s important to have one with a heavy-duty, resilient structure. When your hard drive isn’t hooked up to your laptop or desktop, it spends plenty of time in your everyday backpack or bag where it’s susceptible to drops. The Stripe hard drive is a concept from the imagination of Do Kyoung Lee with a modern design made to withstand shocks and drops to protect your vital data.

The external hard drive is made from rubber, which is a superb shock absorber, and features air gaps to protect the fragile components inside. It also has a durable plastic casing and built-in shock prevention. The rubber striped design offers a flexible shield to soften the blow of any accidental drops while giving the hard drive a retro video game cartridge appearance. There’s no word on whether this will actually come to fruition, but we have our fingers crossed that someone will bring it to life soon.

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