StreetDome Skate Park in Denmark

Nov 4, 2014

Category: Living

How much money do cranky old men spend on “No Skateboarding” signs each year? Too much, as we see it. Perhaps instead of going the curmudgeon route, more city planners should take a page from the playbook of Haderslev, Denmark, who, with the help of Danish firms CEBRA and Glifberg+Lykke, now have an amazing community resource in this massive skate park.

It’s called StreetDome, and it features 65,000 square feet of teenage nirvana, including indoor and outdoor ramps, a climbing wall, a canoe launch and more. The inside is gorgeous, with a roof half-covered in skylights and an angular climbing wall with dozens of colored holds ready to be gripped. Haderslev only has a population of about 20,000 people. We wonder if they know how good they have it.

StreetDome Skate Park In Denmark 2

StreetDome Skate Park In Denmark 3

StreetDome Skate Park In Denmark 4

StreetDome Skate Park In Denmark 5

StreetDome Skate Park In Denmark 6

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