Straton Vintage Driver Chrono

Aug 5, 2015

Category: Style

Resembling the Veglia Borletti techometer of a 1977 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT, Straton’s vision for a new watch was clear: style. Their newest watch, the Straton Vintage Driver Chrono, screams style and passion.

The Straton Vintage Driver Chrono is impeccably designed to not only look great but to also be versatile. Each watch comes with three NATO straps (two of which are inspired by racing) and a leather carrying case, and there are more straps available, such as a leather strap. There are five different face dials available as well, including black, grey, orange, navy blue and white. The Straton Vintage Driver Chrono is water resistant and scratch resistant. It has a respectably retro feel to it. The watch is available now on Kickstarter for a super early bird backer price of roughly $206. [Purchase]

Straton Vintage Driver Chrono 2

Straton Vintage Driver Chrono 3

Straton Vintage Driver Chrono 4

Straton Vintage Driver Chrono 5

Straton Vintage Driver Chrono 6

Straton Vintage Driver Chrono 7

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