Strapo Ultra Thin Minimalist Wallet

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If you’re like us, it’s agreeable that the time has come to cut down on the excess when it comes to everyday carry. Meaning, no more bulky wallets, oversized pocket knives, or any unnecessary pocket items to weigh you down. It’s also for this very reason, that Strapo’s leather wallet caught our eye.

Purposed as an idealistic minimalist wallet, each Strapo ultra-thin wallet is built from genuine top-grain leather and features an expandable strap the securely holds anything from keys to receipts to cash for your enjoyment. Additionally, on top of easy-to-access storage for more than 10 cards, you’ll enjoy a separate easy-access slot for a preferred card of choice. RFID- blocking tech also keeps any and all finances safe, and its ultra-thin design ensures that George Constanza wallet never invades the privacy of your pockets again. Available now is several sleek colorways.

Purchase: $36