Embrace The Upside Down With Levi’s Stranger Things Collection

Acting on the behalf of Netflix’s runaway hit, Stranger Things, the iconic American denim proprietor, Levis, has decided to honor the show’s impending third season with an exclusive collection. If you’re looking for a handful of 80s-era clothing styled with modern poise, Levis’ aptly named Stranger Things Collection is just what you’re looking for.

To commemorate the upcoming season, the influential colorways, styles, and denim worn by Hawkins, Indiana’s youthful gang of explorers have been brought to the masses. A slew of apparel, ranging from jeans, jackets, and t-shirts, all the way to common accessories like an Upside Down-themed waist pack, belt, and hat, are hitting the shelves under the guise of Levis and Stranger Things’ storied collaboration. Standout items include a black, all-season sweater that boasts imagery of Hawkins’ heroes; a green, 80s-styled tee that references Camp Know Where; and a pair of Levis’ iconic denim, adorned in caricatures of the series’ favorite protagonists. The collection is slated for release via Levis on July 1.

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