Eleven Is Called On to Save the World Once Again in the Latest ‘Stranger Things’ Trailer

Photo: Netflix

Stranger Things has garnered a fanbase that is nearly unrivaled, having become Netflix’s most popular original series to date. With people starving for even a sliver of information about the highly-anticipated fourth season, we finally got a genuine glimpse of what’s to come with the first full-length trailer.

Seeing as it’s been three whole years since season three hit the world-famous streaming service, it may be hard to remember exactly where things left off, so we’ll reel you back in. Eleven and the rest of the Byers family were relocated from Hawkins to sunny California — as you can imagine, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. We’ll spare you any spoilers, but with Eleven left powerless as a result of season 3’s grand climax, she is called upon once again to lend her hand by the shady government suits who created her.

The forthcoming season’s trailer appears to be eerier than ever, jam-packed with the horror movie-appropriate synths to back it up. From shedding a light on Jim Hopper being held hostage in Russia to what seems like an appearance from the Devil himself (or at least the Upside Down equivalent), it seems as though series creators the Duffer Brothers are going all-in for the show’s latest season, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

The most interesting element of all is that the series famed child actors are now on the cusp of adulthood, going to show that these past six years since the hit series began have simply flown by. Venture back to the Upside Down when the first volume of Stranger Things‘ penultimate season kicks off on May 27th, exclusively on Netflix.