Strand Pier Surfboard Shower

If you’re spending time at the beach this summer odds are surfing and outdoor showers are two things you’re bound to encounter. Given this imperative, Manhattan Beach-based Strand Surfboards decided why not marry these two items into one product? Enter the Strand Pier Surfboard Shower, a fully functional outdoor shower setup made from a classic surfboard. It doesn’t get more California than that.

Each surfboard shower features idyllic Balsa wood design similar to the classic composition of 1940’s and ’50s California surfboards, acting as a nod to both old-school and modern style. It holds both hot and cold water lines, contains a head and foot rinse, copper piping, and each shower is individually hand-crafted and hand-painted to ensure quality is never compromised. The Strand Pier measures eight feet in length as well so even if you’re on the taller side, this shower setup will still clean you up nicely. They’re available now through their online store for $2,800. [Purchase]