The California Superyacht Is So Opulent It Has Two Waterfalls

The terms “superyacht” and “opulence” most definitely go hand-in-hand. Yet, as over-the-top as these ships have gotten, designers keep finding ways to make them even more luxurious. We may have found their peak, however, in Strand Craft’s California concept.

Measuring up at 444 feet in length, Kurt Strand’s luxury cruise liner is already the type of vehicle you could only afford if you’re a real estate mogul or one of the supervillains from the James Bond films. And that’s before you tack on the helipad on its bow, hybrid electric “azimuthing propulsion pods” (with an effective 8,000 nautical mile-range), 50-man crew, and accommodations for up to 24 guests. But what really skyrockets this watercraft into legendary territory is the pair of onboard waterfalls that cascade down two of the California’s six decks at its stern. Nobody in the world needs this level of opulence — but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t like to bask in its glory given the chance.

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