Stov Indoor Fire Pit

There are few things as welcoming and comforting as a good campfire, but they don’t translate well to the indoors – especially if you don’t already have a fireplace. The folks at Springtime, however, think they have an alternative that’s safe, eco-friendly, and efficient in their Stov Indoor Fire Pit.

While central heating doesn’t warm individual rooms and space heaters tend to be unidirectional, the Stov has the ability to heat a full 360-degrees around itself in any space via “far-infrared” radiation (the same kind of heat put off by the sun). It also runs entirely on electricity, so there’s no burning involved – making it much safer than traditional fires. We also like to think that the flat-top design is a perfect place to rest a coffee mug, so as to keep the beverage inside warm while you sit around the Stov with your friends or family. As of yet, this is still just a concept, but we hope it ends up going to market soon.

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