Stout Magnetic Bottle Opener

Jun 21, 2013

Category: Food

Kickstarter has quickly become a mecca for innovative bottle opener designs, and the Stout Bottle Opener is the latest project to get successfully funded on the crowd sourcing site.

Simple and sweet is the route that Denver based Joe Starmer and Lance Atkins chose to take with this device. Stout offers up something that not only looks beautiful, but also performs above and beyond your standard opener.  Cast from heat treated, tumble finished and bead blasted stainless steel, this is a bottle opener that was built to take a beating. Attach the opener right to your wall with the included screws or adhesive pad, and you’re in business. Sure it pops tops as good as the next opener, but the built-in magnet is what makes this thing a real winner. Check out the project on Kickstarter.

Stout Magnetic Bottle Opener 2

Stout Magnetic Bottle Opener 3

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